The Mayfair-Shoot 1

To those who already follow our instagram you know that we have being doing shoots for relaunch of our website.

For first shoot we used a friend of ours Chloe to be the first Lyla Model. Stunning, gorgeous, dainty and boho and with her long blonde locks she was perfect choice for our first lookbook. She is also about to jet set around the world from Brazil to LA to Fiji and Australia, so perfect candidate to embody the essence of Lyla, a true free spirit and explorer. It is crazy how much she actually looks like the logo. This wasnt intentional by the way, just very good luck 🙂


We shot in The Mayfair hotel, showing Chloe getting ready and trying on new outfits with our jewellery. As the months progress on and we get more jewellery in we will progress around London on a typical tourist day out with a new lovely girl for each location to show you that Lyla can be everyone. Everyone has their unique style and shine and we want to embrace that and show off you gorgeous girlies to the world.

We will be using friends, fans, followers and everyone in between to showcase this. We are really excited about the project and we will be able to show off our jewellery and show you how its worn.

comment below if you are interested in being the next Lyla model.

Here are some sneaky picks behind the scene.

20150820_110110 20150820_110132 20150820_112128 20150820_113524 20150820_113533 20150820_13585720150820_134732 20150820_14121820150820_124304  20150820_135629  20150820_11480420150820_120339_00120150820_132648


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