Kiss the Sky

Another Australian brand i am obsessed with i even got the privilege a few years ago to intern in Australia with the beautiful spell ladies. It is only now that i am able to afford to buy their pieces and get shipped from Australia all the way to UK but so worth it and the items you will treasure in your wardrobe forever.

This is their new collection kiss the sky. i have my eye on a few pieces which i will be ordering shortly, one including the sky blouse πŸ™‚

check out the gorgeous site below

KissSkyBellSleeveMiniDress-Violet-08742 KissSkyBellSleeveMiniDress-Violet-09262 KissSkyBellSleeveMiniDress-Violet-10271 KissSkyBellSleeveMiniDress-Violet-10711 KissSkyBlouse-Bluejay-13111 KissSkyBlouse-Bluejay-96591 KissSkyBlouse-Bluejay-96831 KissSkyGown-Violet-9420 KissSkyGown-Violet-11131 KissSkyGown-Violet-11521 KissSkyGown-Violet-11591 KissSkyGown-Violet-94661 KissSkyKimono-Violet-00851 KissSkyKimono-Violet-01121 KissSkyKimono-Violet-01331 KissSkyMaxiSkirt-Bluejay-12831 KissSkyMaxiSkirt-Bluejay-13051 KissSkyMaxiSkirt-Bluejay-95461 KissSkyMaxiSkirt-Bluejay-95541 KissSkyMaxiSkirt-Violet-07541 KissSkyMaxiSkirt-Violet-07731 KissSkyMaxiSkirt-Violet-07941 KissSkyMaxiSkirt-Violet-08001 KissSkyMaxiSkirt-Violet-93041 KissSkyMaxiSkirt-Violet-93201 LeilaCrochetSkirt-Black-00141 LeilaCrochetSkirt-Black-00601 LeilaCrochetSkirt-Black-16291


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