Scalloped Swimwear

I bet everyone right now is looking forward to your holidays (or already been) and desperately trying to find the perfect bikini or swimsuit. Even though we all are guilty of having about 10 bikinis already, but one more wouldnt hurt right πŸ™‚

This year i am looking for a scalloped edged one. I have been after the chloe one for ages but i think the price just doesnt warranty the amount of fabric actually used!!

here are a few of my faves below that are similar counting down the days for my hols πŸ™‚

0f50742b724b516ce5e5d08a25823697 5c632a9a713273150ed715510481f071 3417f3f13529b9521e7369acf4026dc5 af59c58e2f2214a1adb54c6ccbd4dce2 c77275164d54f228ca4c11b51d5b038b image-2 image-71

until next time

Lyla x


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